Catholic Woodworker

Marketing and Reselling Through Cedar House

The Mission

The Catholic Woodworker sells handmade rosaries, crucifixes, and home altars to arm men and women for their daily spiritual battles. These vital spiritual weapons are beautifully and prayerfully crafted by Catholic families all over the U.S. By offering such high-quality home altars, crucifixes, and rosaries, the Catholic Woodworker equips fellow Christians all over the world for spiritual victory and freedom in Jesus Christ.

The Problem

The Catholic Woodworker was looking to elevate their marketing strategies and customer service operations to reach a larger audience. They were in need of a targeted digital marketing strategy to foster ROI as well as customer service expertise to manage their growing volume of orders and inquiries. While they had previously worked with a secular agency, the Catholic Woodworker felt they could benefit more by partnering with an agency that understood the Catholic world and could offer a fresh, innovative perspective on expanding their business.

The Solution

We collaborated with the Catholic Woodworker to develop a new, robust marketing strategy. We started with a focus on growing their audience and increasing ROI through paid social media advertising. 

Once we were getting results—results that were exponentially higher than industry averages—we turned to email marketing, eCommerce optimization, Google search ads, and more. We partnered closely with the Catholic Woodworker, making sure their own marketing ideas and insights were not only heard and valued but implemented in ways to maximize their effectiveness.

To address their increasing orders and inquiries, our customer service team stepped in to help manage customer phone calls and emails. Not only did this ease the operational burden on the Catholic Woodworker, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business, but it also ensured a high-quality experience for their customers throughout the entire buying process.

Finally, we helped generate a completely new source of revenue for the Catholic Woodworker by promoting their products on our Cedar House website. This opened the door to a wider market of Catholic consumers interested in the very products the Catholic Woodworker sells, while providing short-term revenue via our wholesale purchases.

As Jonathan puts it, “It has been a pleasure working with the Cedar House team, and has been a tremendous opportunity to grow our business and reach a larger audience with our products. It was a win for both of us, and I look forward to a continued partnership.”

Our investment in this partnership has been a cornerstone for the incredible success we’ve had and I can’t imagine ever running my business without them.
Jonathan Conrad

“I am so grateful for our partnership with 5 Stones. Praise God for orchestrating the creation of such an invaluable resource for growing Catholic businesses. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. It’s easy to think of Marketing or Customer Service “spend” as a cost, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our investment in this partnership has been a cornerstone for the incredible success we’ve had and I can’t imagine ever running my business without them. On the marketing side of the house, Elliot and Jason are 100% results focused. I shared with them my target sales goals and they recommended a course of action that got us there in 2 months. The best part is that I didn’t have to hand over the entire operation to them. We talked through what I wanted to keep, and where I needed them to step in. It took no time at all to get them plugged in. For Customer Service it was all about managing customer communications so that we could stay focused on getting products assembled and out the door. Adding phone support has been such a blessing. Our customers love that they can pick up the phone and talk to a knowledgeable team member, and Colleen’s group is always on top of it so I know our customers are in good hands.”

The Results

Sales numbers soared. The Catholic Woodworker broke previously-held sales records again and again within the first three quarters of our partnership. This meant that more and more people all over the world were benefitting spiritually from their beautiful rosaries, home altars, and crucifixes.

The increased revenue allowed Catholic Woodworker to hire more employees, supplying them with critical help to continue growing their organization and reaching more customers. 

The home altars, crucifixes, and rosaries are some of the most popular products on Cedar House. The Catholic Woodworker now benefits from having access to a growing Catholic audience that knows and appreciates the spiritual value of their beautifully-crafted products.

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