Theology of Home

Website Redesign

The Mission

Theology of Home supports, inspires, and encourages women to live out and share their Catholic faith with family, friends, and neighbors. With a commitment to authentic faith, they help women live out their vocations as single women, wives, mothers, daughters, religious, widows, and aunts by offering both curated and published content as well as selling beautifully crafted lifestyle merchandise such as candles, books, and more online. 

The Problem

While TOH was slowly amassing a large following, their digital presence was starting to lag behind the needs of this growing audience.

They knew that their eCommerce platform was not capable of supporting their growing line of lifestyle merchandise. And their content website was struggling to communicate the breadth of their writing and curation (imagine running two websites and four separate blogs!). Not only did this make managing their content and products difficult and unwieldy but it also led to a less-than-stellar user experience. They needed digital and technical help to complement their inspiring content, stunning aesthetic, and beautiful product offerings.

The Solution

We were inspired by their vital mission of equipping women to live out their vocations no matter their stage in life. We worked closely with TOH’s founders to simplify and elevate their offerings. This meant paring down their content and aligning it more strategically with their lifestyle product line, all within a reimagined website that better expressed TOH’s mission.

We helped them:

  • Develop a daily curation email for their subscribers named The Daily Collection (which can also be found on TOH’s website) to ensure subscribers received the latest curated and published content right in their inboxes.
  • Merge their multiple blogs into a single, well-designed TOH blog, which also fostered the publication of original and helpful content more often.

Next, we considered the right technological solution to help TOH fulfill their mission of serving faithful women. We transitioned their eCommerce set-up to a new SaaS platform (Shopify) that was powerful enough to meet TOH’s growing business requirements while providing a simple, beautiful user experience for shoppers. 

Finally, we applied the new expression of their brand to the Shopify website. We developed better functionality for their product and category pages, integrated the TOH blog with a clean and seamless design, and added lead generation tools so they could continue to strategically grow their audience moving forward.

“We loved working with 5 Stones. Their acumen and competency took our mom-and-pop effort to the professional level that our brand needed. We also really valued their care and concern throughout the process and in making sure we were happy with the finished product. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Carrie Gress & Noelle Mering

The Results

The new look was a major hit. TOH’s founders and audience immediately loved the cleaner, more beautiful, and easier-to-use website. From reading the latest content to perusing beautiful product offerings, women can easily find what they need on the website to nourish their unique vocations. 

We were able to launch the new Shopify website in time for Christmas, ensuring TOH benefitted from the holiday shopping rush and enjoyed a very successful sales season.

Since launching the new website, their audience has only continued to grow. In fact, their email list has grown by a whopping 40 percent!

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